Essential oils have been used for this purpose for centuries. Frankincense and myrrh were used in biblical times in meditation because of its strong calming scent. The use of essential oils can help ease aches and pains that come in hand with stress. Although the term aromatherapy is widely used now, it was not common until 1920s. The importance of aromatherapy is that the components of essential oils are obtained from plants with medicinal values. The extract obtained from these plants distilled, and bottled in pure form. They are very strong oils, and those have to be diluted before the use. There are a many of ways to use essential oils. Before selecting the oil for you, first should explore and learn these essential oils after that you can select the best oil for your need. Also you have to make sure that you are not allergic to the oil. For this apply a drop of diluted oil on your skin and look for rashes or irritations.
Add few drops in a hot bath and calm down your body and mind. It’s unbelievably relaxing for pregnant women. These oils also relieve the aches and pains of muscles. If you need to have a shower, put a one or two drops of the oil, behind the leak where the oil can dilute. The warm shower water can dilute the oil effectively giving an amazingly comforting fragrance.

Although these oils have different benefits, it is better if you use these as mixtures. Certain mixtures can provide more potent effects on mental illnesses. They can also help you recover memory and get rid of bad temper.

Essential oils are also great for massage purposes. Droplets of diluted oils used with other massage oils can augment effect and relieving muscle tension, aches and pain. Use the oils on the temples, forehead, and scalp to generate a calming effect that relieves headaches and leaves your mind revitalized.

Pregnant women are subjected to hormonal imbalances that leads to stress.. Aromatherapy helps pregnant women to relax and stabilize their emotions. Few drops can be added to bath water or use it as a vaporizer.. Below is a list of oils that will help you to have a pleasant pregnancy.

Lavender has a restoring scent that helps to calm down the mind. It can cause euphoria even. It can rejuvenate and make your mind clear. It makes the contractions strong.

This oil has mild scent that relaxes the mind and the body. It is good for bad temper and anxiety. Creating moderate amount of this scent using few drops will help you to get rid of the stress and deal with problems.

Neroli can cure depression. It eliminates the negative thoughts from your mind and helps you to calm down. It relieves insomnia and other illnesses generated by stress.

Bergamot can uplift the mood. It can prevent depression from occurring by relieving the stress. It will make your mind free from troubles and the citrus scent elevates your spirit.

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