About us

Scentveda is a company that has created a brand concept based on pure therapeutic grade, high quality essential oils, and organic cosmetic and natural cosmetic products utilizing multiple channels of distribution.

1. Mission
To establish Scentveda as an important brand that represents quality in skin care, we will accomplish this in the following ways:
High quality manufacturing and research.

  • A creative marketing and PR program.
  • Creation of a brick and mortar retail presence.
  • Development of an effective distribution network.

2. Keys to Success

  • Quality product.
  • Efficient manpower/personnel.
  • Product logistics and quality control.

Company Summary
Scentveda is an Ottawa Ontario, Canada based company. The founders with over 10 years worth of combined experience in Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Pure Beauty products  and the retail industry have made major contributions in the field through research and development of exceptional products.
The company will grow in work personnel as required over the years. The majority of this growth will come in retail personnel and the rest will be support staff. We believe the plan shows a controlled and conservative ramp up of personnel.